Pronunciation? Hmmm…

June 12, 2007

This week I observed the importance of proper pronunciation.

I’ll admit I was skeptical – maybe a little less than attentive – of the need to always model correct pronunciation…of cutting short the ‘b’ or ‘d’ sounds, for example. But this week, my student and I are getting into the ank, ang, ong, onk sounds and she can not hear the difference between the sounds.

I realized that the way she says certain words is based on a memorization of sound, maybe the way she heard other people say the words, or just habit.  This leads to major frustration, especially when it comes to spelling…the ultimate test of fluency.

So for now we are taking it slow, practicing proper pronunciation of the words honk and hunk, having a good laugh at ourselves and thinking how silly words can sound even when pronounced correctly.


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  1. Oops…this was posted by Leslie.

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