things growing

June 19, 2007

The student that I work with said he “enjoys seeing things grow” and so he has this garden with watermelons, squash, wild flower, tomatoes and various other plants. After our last meeting, we talked about gardening. I have 2 aloe plants, one struggling and the other is doing o.k. -but not thriving the way it could thrive. I mentioned this to him and that as far as the first one-the one struggling-everything was cool until I tried to re-pot it and he explained that—when you disturb a plant you have to be considerate of what time of day it is and what the plant is doing during this time. He added that “the best time of day to re-pot a plant is late at night or real early in the morning”- As far as the second plant, he said, “it may just need plant food.” I’m gonna take both plants to him during our next lesson and he’ll help me with them…I’m looking forward to it.


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