My DLC dream…

June 20, 2007

At the tutor and student forum we had a chance to create our own DLC dream…where we see DLC in 2011.

This is my dream…

You step off the bio-diesel DLC bus that is used to help transport people all over Durham County to DLC. You walk alongside the DLC/Seeds collaborative community garden. You walk into a large but home-like building with lots of natural light.

A friendly receptionist is there to help guide you. Would you like to visit the library categorized specifically for AL (by reading level), ESOL (by English proficiency) or for GED preparation? The library is filled with materials from all over the world as well as from tutors and students.

Or would you like to step into the auditorium for the weekly lectures on health, financial, and real world literacy? This is where the whole community comes together to learn. After the lecture spend some time in the computer lab where you can look up resources within the Center as well as local and regional libraries.

Visit with a tutor and student pair working in one of the many tutoring spaces at all times of day and evening. There is always a volunteer on duty to help this pair with their needs. Students who have completed the programs are now tutors helping other students!

DLC is thriving on all levels. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of this?


One Response to “My DLC dream…”

  1. Yashna
    What an inspiring dream! We are so lucky to have someone as dedicated as you leading the AL program! Thanks for all that you do. I’m looking forward to helping to make your dream a reality.

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