Real life in the classroom

June 20, 2007

I will admit that I was beginning to feel some apprehension (due to attendance inconsistency) about continuing with (my student), but feel compelled to continue with her for as long as she is able to continue . Whoever selected me as her tutor apparently did so by divine predestination. She is comfortable talking to me about her grief and life’s struggles, and I advise her the best way that I know of (e.g., through meditation, relaxation, and acceptance).

I use her life experiences in a way to get her to sound out certain words. For example, she has Lupus.” It begins with “L” ; what sound does “l” make?; what other words begin with “l”?

As an older, Black female, I can identify with some of her life struggles, but I have been blessed with good health beyond the accident that resulted in the loss of my right arm when I was five years old.

(Posted by Yashna for AL tutor Martha)


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