June 21, 2007

I had such a great time at the Forum on Tuesday! It was so inspiring to hear everyone’s dreams for the DLC, and I loved having the opportunity to interact with other tutors.  So thank you Yashna and the VST for putting the Forum together!

Like most people, I dream of the DLC having more resources in order to have more of an opportunity to serve our community. I believe that one of the most pressing services that we need to offer (and I heard this from the students too) is some sort of daycare availability. One of the most practical possible services that I heard about is videotaping workshops/refresher courses and making them available to people who couldn’t attend but were interested. And the service that I dream about the most is learning how to write a grant so that I could write a grant to fund the expansion of the DLC into a local women’s shelter. I heard lots of other great ideas too – I’ll email them to one of the VST members, so they can be shared with the whole community.



One Response to “Forum”

  1. Paige,
    Thanks for posting this!
    Having a day care would open up the possibility for so many more people to access our services in each of our programs.
    Videotaping the workshops is definitely one tangible things we can try to do. The DLC AL program has such a comprehensive curriculum that having a video catalogue of it in action could help many other agencies as well as our own tutors!
    I think that you having an interest in writing grants to help support DLC is amazing. You already do so much good work as a volunteer for DLC, and you are always looking for more ways to help. And you are also right, that without money, expansion (or even stablization!) would not be possible.

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