More reflections on the student forum

July 4, 2007

Reflections on the Student Forum from 2 of the fabulous teens who volunteered as scribes:

The Durham Literacy Center was a different experience. I enjoyed myself. I think the tutors are doing a wonderful job. The students were so grateful. The teachers are kind, and none are judgmental. I thought it was wonderful how the relationships are between students and teachers. Every student said that their teacher meant work, but they also cared. It was an emotional experience. I think the Center is a wonderful experience for students and teachers and even visitors. Thank you for inviting me! ~ Brittany M. Ward

What really touched my heart about the student forum was the genuine love and care of the students. They were all interested in how to make the Literacy Center better, but more concerned on how they can spend more time together. The students felt like being in a big group reminded them that they were not alone in they’re struggle to learn. Even though everyone loved their tutors dearly, knowing that there are at least 20 more people around with similar goals made them more confident about opening up to how they came to be at the Literacy Center. So I just want to thank the Literacy Center for making a way for people in Durham who can’t read as well as they should get help. ~ Krystal Riley


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