Flesch Kincaid Reading Levels

August 10, 2007

You will notice that on this blog we will have a tag and sometimes a note on a blog with the initials FK followed by a number. The FK stands for Flesch Kincaid. The number represents a grade level. Together the combination represents the grade level equivalence of the text.

For example, the above paragraph has a FK level of 6.7, which means that a reader who is reading anywhere above a 6th grade reading level would be able to decode the text. This is not a “set in stone” rule. The FK levels are an estimate. At this point of time, this is the easiest way for us to differentiate reading level of text.

Why are we doing this?

1. To have some blog posts that are accessible to our Adult Literacy students who are reading anywhere from a 0-8th grade reading level.

2. To educate you, the visiting reader, what different levels of text look like, and hope to show you what it may feel like if you could not decode text at that level.

How can you do it?

Display MS Word Readability Statistics

Online Readability Tool : FK calculator, cut and paste your text into a box, press enter, and find out score

Other thoughts and questions?

FK is not the only readability test. There are many more options. If you would like more information on Readability Statistics, please contact us.

(FK 6.6)


3 Responses to “Flesch Kincaid Reading Levels”

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  3. Sang-kyung, Byun Says:

    Delighted to know that your website has been and is and will be forever. Thanks!

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