Hot Hot Hot

August 13, 2007

August in NC is always hot hot hot! Learning to read as an adult is not an easy thing, and learning to read in 85 degree heat is even harder. Our current (donated) classroom location has no air conditioning. The temperatures reach between 85 and 100 degrees outside and inside.

It seems like this is the plight of the non profit, little resources, and big problems. Why is it that we help on average 500 Durham residents a year for $0 and work with very few resources? It seems unbalanced.

I see DLC taking the old model of nonprofits (constantly thirsty for resources) and turning it around to a strong, sustainable, replicable model of a community agency on solid ground! Our board, staff, tutors and students are working on bringing DLC into the public eye and sharing with Durham the difference we make.

However, we cannot do this without you dear Durham. Watch out, despite the heat, DLC is moving on up and we want you to join us!

(FK 8.3)


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