What a difference a year makes

August 30, 2007

Pearlie and I have been working together for a year now, and I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge her hard work and accomplishments. When we first met she recognized just a handful of sounds and was eager to learn more and start reading. We soon discovered that our first step would be simply blending two sounds together–and later blending three sounds to form a word. Another challenge for Pearlie was “hearing” the individual sounds in a word so that she could spell the full word.

Once she grasped those concepts she was off and running. She now recognizes nearly the entire alphabet and is reading and writing complete sentences–and even some paragraphs! She’s also gained confidence in her daily life, including getting a new job and becoming more comfortable using computers.

Pearlie is both a fantastic student and a wonderful friend. Her great attitude, dedication, and patience will help her continue to learn and set a great example for her grandchildren. Working with the adult literacy program has been a learning opportunity for me, too. And, I might add that this is officially my first blog entry…ever!

–Rebecca B.



One Response to “What a difference a year makes”

  1. yashna Says:

    Rebecca B.,
    Great post! You did a great job on your first blog ever! Thank you for sharing with us a little peak into a year in the life of a tutor and student. Pearlie is an amazing woman and I am so glad to have you both as part of the DLC family. Have you read your blog to Pearlie? Next time you can try scribing for Pearlie. She can dictate to you as you type something that she wants to write about.
    Thank you Rebecca for all your dedication!

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