Thoughts on June’s community meeting…

September 6, 2007

Hello all!

This message marks the first post for Peggy and I – we are officially “on the internet” now J. When the two of us talked about what Peggy might like to contribute to the blog, our thoughts immediately went to the DLC community meeting held back in June.

As a relatively new tutor, I found the meeting useful for getting ideas from the more experienced among the group, and it was wonderful to meet so new many people. For Peggy, the session with other students was downright moving – much more so than she had expected. At our next class, she told me how happy she was she came that day.

At the end of our session last night, Peggy talked about what the meeting meant to her and I scribed. Check out her thoughts below, and we’ll see you all next time!

Sierra Stults

FK 7.3

I never thought I’d be as happy around strangers as I was at the meeting in June. The people who led the meeting brought all of us out in the open, even the ones who felt shy at first. The lady who led the meeting was real sweet and made us feel so comfortable. She didn’t care what color anyone was, she was just out to help. She wrote down what everyone said and had people talk and get to know each other. Everyone told how they learned about the program. Everyone was supportive of each other and no one picked at anyone else.Every time I raised my hand, somebody else said the same thing I was going to say. One of the students said “Don’t be shy.” I talked about my grandmother and how she took care of us and how beautiful it was, and how hard she worked. She taught us how to love and get along with others. After I talked, the other student and I hugged.

The meeting felt just like a homecoming and how it was with our grandparents. The love that everyone showed in that meeting made you want to be stronger about yourself and towards yourself and getting what you want out of life. Thank you to Yashna and Gardy and everyone who organized the meeting.


FK 6.1


2 Responses to “Thoughts on June’s community meeting…”

  1. yashna Says:

    Thank you Sierra and Peggy for sharing! I am so glad to hear y’all are on the computer now!
    Peggy, you were a big contribution to the Forum in June, you helped a lot of other people open up because you opened up.
    Thanks for all you do (both of you!.

  2. […] This is one reason why I think this blog can be so important. Let’s get our students to share stories with each other through this blog! We have started to see a few stories emerging from Mahmood, Pearlie, and Peggy. […]

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