What has changed in my life since beginning school

September 17, 2007

What has changed is like somebody was blind, and he starts to see. I advise anybody who cannot read or write to check the good people at the literacy center. They will help you. I used to get stressed-out when I saw something I could not read. Now I stop and try to read it.
FK 6

By Mahmood (partially scribed by Mikel)

I got to meet Mahmood, who is intellegnt and a good story-teller. I realize that I can be a teacher, and benefit somebody in an important way.
FK 10

By Mikel


2 Responses to “What has changed in my life since beginning school”

  1. yashna Says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about how it feels to start to be able to read something that you were not able to read before. DLC feels so lucky to have you as a student because you bring light to each room you enter. I will not forget when you said “I wish I could teach.” Mahmood, I believe that you will be able to teach one day. Your determination to learn will be the same drive that will get you teaching. Please keep us updated on your progress.

    Your commitment to Mahmood and his learning is an inspiration.

  2. […] share stories with each other through this blog! We have started to see a few stories emerging from Mahmood, Pearlie, and […]

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