You can be helped

September 20, 2007

After reading some of the entries posted by other students, Pearlie and I began to discuss her own experience as a student at the June forum. Our discussion brought back memories from her childhood. Here are Pearlie’s thoughts as she described them to me:

-Rebecca B.

As a child in school I struggled to keep up with the others in my class and was placed in a special-education class for kids who were taught life skills. I hated it because I felt like I didn’t belong there. I ended up leaving and I got a job. As an adult I always felt as though I was the only person my age who couldn’t read. I felt frustrated and embarrassed and felt as though I would never learn.

I now realize that all I needed was someone to work with me one-on-one. I wish I could have been in a literacy program earlier . . . I didn’t know how to get help. I want to thank and show my appreciation for the literacy center. At the DLC meeting I became emotional when I heard other people describing their own struggles and similar experiences.

-Pearlie K.


2 Responses to “You can be helped”

  1. yashna Says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for being so open and honest about it. Your courage and determination are amazing. I hope that when people read and hear your story, they will be able to share their own story as well. Most of our students feel alone. You are not alone, and we are here to help.
    Thank you for being you.

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