The Importance of Student Stories

September 25, 2007

I just skimmed an article about literacy and theater.

I appreciate this quote by Klaudia Rivera:

“Traditionally, people in literacy classes have been reading work by and about other people. But it is easier for them to read their own stories. The students can develop (blogs) that they can read. They can also read …the stories of other (students), and this takes away the individualization of oppression. It helps them get beyond the belief that “Because I’m stupid, I can’t learn,” or “Because I’m not a good worker, I lost my job.” With this kind of … experience, people can see, “That’s my issue. That’s what’s happening to me!” and discover that the problem is a social issue, not a personal one. And when people see problems in a collective way, they are more able to take collective action to solve them. ”

This is one reason why I think this blog can be so important. Let’s get our students to share stories with each other through this blog! We have started to see a few stories emerging from Mahmood, Pearlie, and Peggy.

FK 9


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