Veleda’s Hopes and Dreams (Part I)

October 16, 2007

I did not learn how to read in school, but am learning how now. Sometimes I feel like I won’t make it but I keep going. I look for ways to make things better for myself but when a person comes along it seems like they look at me like I don’t know anything, but I do.

I have learned a lot in the past year and am learning how to ask for help when needed. I am looking to help someone like me make it in life. School doesn’t help people like me make it in life. They just pass you by like you are a dog. When I was growing up, my house was not easy to live in. But I learned life is not easy and you make the best out of what you are in. I love myself and keep myself first in life and thank God for every thing in life. I hope people can look for ways to read and keep reading so people can take us for what we are and not take advantage of us.

I am a woman with hope and dreams of becoming better in life. Look at me and know that I am more then what you see. Look past the skin and look at me. I am someone with a lot of things to say to you.

I love to tell people about the DLC. It is teaching me to read better and I am not sad about what I am. I am loving and caring and very funny if you get to know me. Some people will never know me because they think they already do. I am someone with big dreams. I am someone who loves life for what it is and not for what I can get out of it.

People who can’t read are looking for people to take the time to help them. I have a way for that: the DLC!


5 Responses to “Veleda’s Hopes and Dreams (Part I)”

  1. rebecca Says:

    Wow, you are such a wonderful writer and beautiful person, Veleda! The DLC community couldn’t ask for a more inspiring advocate. I’m looking forward to Part II!

  2. Regina Says:

    Veleda…thanks for the very powerful post. I really enjoy hearing/reading you speak and write with such confidence. It’s not an easy thing to do =)

  3. Wendell Says:

    Yay, Veleda!

    I was glad to read about how far you have come, and how far you want to go. I know you will get there!

    I am glad, too, that you have the DLC in your life. I wish everyone could get the help they need.

    Thank you for sharing. I work with people who have a hard time reading. Sometimes I have a hard time helping them; like when they are sick or too sad to learn. Your story helps me help them.

  4. Lisa Gayhart Says:

    Your post is so inspiring! Reading it brightened up my rainy morning here in Toronto. I hope to see more posts from you in the future.
    Good luck,

  5. I would like to commend you for sharing your story. I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

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