My experiences at the DLC

October 26, 2007

Each and every time that I come to the DLC, I just look around and I see people helping other people and I am happy for them. At times I just really want to be at home or just doing something else but I must say that I really enjoy hearing the classes, the students speaking and learning. It is so amazing to me. Anytime that I hear a story about how some students ended up at the DLC it just makes me think “wow this could be me” and this is why I am a proud intern/volunteer. I want to be able to help (in any way that I can) people who grew up just like me but were not fortunate enough or did not have the means to survive like me.

To the students and teachers and tutors…..keep up the good work because you all inspire me everyday to push forward.


One Response to “My experiences at the DLC”

  1. yashna Says:

    Thank you for sharing! DLC is better place when you are here! Thank you for finding the “juice” to get up and show up, and make a difference in your community. We love having you here!

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