Learning is Power: adults give themselves a second chance

November 16, 2007

This is a great video from an Adult Literacy Center in Springfield, MA. I know that our attention spans are short so watching an 18 minute video is hard…but I did the work for you and broke it down by section so you can watch the intro and skip ahead if you want to..but I would suggest watching the whole thing!

Also, tutors, please try to watch this with your student… a lot of our students feel alone, like there is no one else out there like them, like there is something wrong with them. Watching this video, or coming out to DLC events can help students feel connected, confident and empowered. I bet at least one student in the video will have a similar story to your student.

Enjoy, y’all! After you watch it, leave a comment tell me what you think!

Learning is Power youtube Video breakdown:
1-2 minutes Intro
2-6 minutes AL students answer “Why did you come to this center?”
6-9 minutes AL students answer “How is this center different then school?”
9-12 minutes AL students answer “How have you changed since you have come to the center?”
12-15 minutes AL students answer “What advice do you have for a new learner?”
15-18 minutes End credits with cute outtakes


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