Why is nobody talking about Adult Ed and what can you do about it in 3 mins or less?

November 27, 2007

We all know that Adult Education (AL and ESOL) is a hidden topic in this country. Why are at least 44 million US Americans reading below a first grade reading level….and why is nobody talking about it?
Well, if you want to get people to start talking about it, please sign this petition !


The Literacy President Group is comprised of a wide range of leaders in the field of adult education and literacy, who volunteer their time to raise awareness on adult literacy as a key issue to be included in a national dialogue on education priorities. This is a petition urging all of the presidential candidates to respond to five questions about adult literacy policy under the next Administration.

This is really easy to do, it took me 3 minutes max.
I am the 1,709th signature out of the 10,000 that are needed.

Step One:
Click on this link:

Step Two:
Electronically sign the petition at the bottom of the page

Step Three:
Do this again with your student!
Get them involved in the support of their own education.
Every voice counts.

Step Four:
Visit The Literacy President Group for candidate responses and lesson plans for civic literacy.

In solidarity,



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