Vote Vote Vote

January 14, 2008

Hello DLC Community,

I am posting an exert of a letter that a DLC tutor and friend, Manju, sent through email. It has some great information on voting in NC primaries and beyond.
Go out and register! Go out and vote!



The NC Primaries are 5/06/2008.

Closer to then, you can go to the Durham People’s Alliance website for their endorsements:

If you want to register as a voter, or switch your
address, you can download the form here: .

In order to vote on a given day, you must register by the 25th day (Last day to register to vote: Apr. 11) before that election. You can find your polling place, and most other info, at

My friend Whitney May works at the County Board of Elections at 706
West Corporation St., Durham, NC 27701 (near the Durham School of the
Arts), so if the process is intimidating for you, too, she may be a
good person to ask for (I was so happy to see a familiar face when I
walked into the polling place last year!).
Important Dates:
2008 NC Primary Election: May 6th
Last day to register to vote: Apr. 11
Absentee Voting: Mar. 17 – Apr. 29
One Stop Absentee Voting: Apr. 17 – May 3

2008 General Election: November 4th
Last day to register to vote: Oct. 10
Absentee Voting: Sep. 15 – Oct. 28
One Stop Absentee Voting: Oct. 16 – Nov. 1

…Presidential Election…
At, you can take a quiz to reveal the presidential
candidate whose views and actions match yours most closely, and where
you split with candidates.
If you are under 35, at (whether you have
citizenship or not, whether you are registered as a voter or not) you
can vote for a presidential candidate in the League of Young Voters

The system of “democracy” in this country is deeply flawed, and the
systematic exclusion of all kinds of oppressed people from even the
flawed system (youth, poor people, prisoners, immigrants, people of
color, (and added by Yashna…people with low literacy skills!) and more) makes it so much worse. Still, I believe in using my access to voting privilege with gratitude for those who struggled hard and gave their lives to win the right to vote across the world. And
sometimes it even makes a big difference. I like to think of it as a
good pinch of salty, healthy cynicism mixed in with a pot of deep
longing for true democracy in this land. I’ve found voting confusing
and intimidating at times, so I wanted to offer my buddies an
explanation of how to do it, in case you’re so inclined.



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