Literacy Ambassador Program

January 29, 2008

Last month, I attended the Literacy Ambassador Training Program put on by the NC Community College System in Asheboro, NC. The purpose of the training was to teach adult literacy students how to tell their story effectively and how to promote adult literacy programs to various audiences. It was a very good experience for me. I enjoyed all of the classes, and I learned from different students about what they have been through at their literacy centers. It made me want to continue with my studies. I gave several speeches, and I received lots of compliments for them.

One of the best parts of the training was hearing Janet Bauer talk about the importance of giving and receiving positive feedback to people on a regular basis. She talked about how too often we criticize ourselves and others far more than we offer encouragement. She said that when we focus on the positive, we allow ourselves to truly be ourselves, and that makes us better public speakers and better representatives.

Toni Cordell was also very inspiring and helpful. She explained public speaking very well, and she broke it down so that everyone could benefit from it. She also shared her story about her struggles to learn to read and write, and it was inspiring to see how far she has come. She encourages everyone to keep studying and striving for their goals. It was very moving.

There will be another training program in the Spring, and I hope that more students from the DLC can participate in it. It is a powerful experience.

Emmett Jackson (and Rebecca)


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