An open discussion

February 26, 2008

Is an uniformed vote better than no vote at all?

What do you think? Comment!


One Response to “An open discussion”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How many voters will cast their ballot for a Democrat or Republican only because he or she has always voted that way in the past, knowing very little about each candidate’s platform?

    The reason I ask this is because about a month ago I went online to find out more about the NC representatives and had an extremely difficult time even finding out WHO was running, much less what their top priorities are, etc. It makes me wonder if the majority of people are just voting on hearsay, media reports or what their friends and family say.

    There was a poll not to long ago in which people on the street were asked if they knew who the Secretary of State, Vice President, Speaker of the House, etc., were and if I remember correctly, less than HALF of the people questioned responded correctly!!!!!! I don’t know about you, but that scares me!

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