Student Milestones

April 10, 2008

Adult Literacy Student Milestones

Congratulations to students and thank you to the tutors who guided them through the following milestones. We’re proud of your accomplishments!

  • Larry opened up a bank account.
  • Pearlie opened up her first e-mail account and e-mailed her daughter.
  • Lucy helped her grandson with his homework.
  • Linda wrote a letter to herself to quit smoking.
  • Johnny investigated the 401K plan at work.
  • Jeffrey reads closed captioning on TV to practice reading.
  • Kathy has started reading books for fun.
  • Sadeania reads poetry for fun.
  • Roxie has increased her financial literacy – paying bills and making withdrawals/deposits to her bank account.
  • Mahmood created a resume, set up an e-mail account, and applied for a new job with personnel agencies.
  • Dale registered to vote and plans on voting in the coming elections.
  • Otha read an e-mail for the first time.
  • GJ began a new full time job and, in addition, opened his own business.
  • Kiasha’s confidence in herself has increased so much.
  • Emmett co-wrote letters to state representatives concerning his 6-year fight for disability benefits, and then began receiving his benefits 3 months later.
  • Glendon has greatly increased his vocabulary and improved his spelling.

2 Responses to “Student Milestones”

  1. adagiago Says:

    I like this – I will use it as a model – or at least as inspiration – to do something similar for display in the classroom, for my Adult Literacy students (in Australia). Thank you for this ‘List of (everyday) Milestones’ idea.

  2. adagiago Says:

    I did this today, for my students in Australia. Thank you again – I am really happy with this idea.

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