“I’ve got the right!”

May 6, 2008

To say that Emmett was excited about today’s primary would be a HUGE understatement. After 56 years here in the U.S., he voted for the very first time, patted his ‘I voted’ sticker, and yelled out, “I’ve got the right! I’ve got the right!” He added, “I’ve got the power, now. Now I can get some things done.” He worries that too many people in this country don’t realize that they have the right to vote, regardless of whether or not they have been in prison, have a record, or can read well. He hopes that one day even prisoners – those who are still locked up – will be able to cast their votes, too. We should all count.

A couple weeks ago, Emmett and I attended the civic literacy workshop at the DLC to learn more about the candidates and the voting process. Then we went over all of the choices together and filled in a sample ballot. Emmett decided that he would be more comfortable if I went with him to the voting booth, so we filled out the ballot together and then fed it into the machine. I couldn’t help asking him several times if he was absolutely sure about his choice for democratic candidate (he’s for Clinton, while I’m for Obama), but he just chuckled and said he was sure. Ah well. As he put it, he’ll be happy to have any democrat back in office. I’ll just celebrate the right to disagree with him – two adults with different but equal opinions – and the right to voice them, loudly.

Emmett & Rebecca


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