The “bed” trick

June 3, 2008

If your student is confusing b/d, try the “bed” trick!

Make the letter b with your left hand (forefinger comes to the thumb to make the circle of the b while the other fingers are straight) and the right hand forms the letter d using the same method. Initially Tell your student to imagine the ‘e’ for the word bed between their right and left hands. Quickly they can learn to apply this method on their own. Now when a student is confused with a b/d, if they do not do the bed trick on their own, just ask them to try it. When prompted to do the trick they can quickly realize they have been using the wrong letter and can determine the correct one!


One Response to “The “bed” trick”

  1. adagiago Says:

    This sounds effective – Thank You – I’ll try it with my students.

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