Trip to the Museum

June 3, 2008

Mahmood and I made a field trip to the Nasher Museum near Lakewood Baptist Church and Duke University to get out of the classroom and celebrate his climb from Step 2 to Step 3. Congratulations!

IT’S FREE for Durham residents and folks like Mahmood who go to school in Durham. He just used his student notebook as his school ID.

We walked around the “Birth of Cool” exhibition and the permanent collection. While I was more enchanted with the modern stuff, Mahmood much preferred the older works. We read the brief descriptions together, tried to find the oldest pieces (some dated back 2000 years), and talked about the various forms art takes. Mahmood taught me about some of the history of iconic images in Islam tradition, and we wondered how some of the more unusual artifacts might have been used back in the day.

All that stimuli made sitting down to snacks at the Nasher cafe all the nicer. It was a break from the regular classroom routine. Sitting outside on a nice spring day, we talked about family and summer plans over soup and salad, before reviewing through a few pages of homework. Then we headed to Lakewood for the Spring Celebration, feeling pleased that we had already given each other some quality time outside of class.


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