Take Action, support Adult Education.

July 30, 2008

We have heard it a million times before, living in the USA means that we get a voice for our future. So, please use this powerful voice in support of Adult Education programs in this country.

This email came to me through the NCCCS. It speaks specifically to ESOL programs, but definitely influences the world of Adult Literacy as well! At DLC, AL works closely and in partnership with our ESOL community.

Click on TAKE ACTION, and submit your zip code, it sends you to a very easy form where you can fill out an email to send to your local representatives.


TESOL Action Alert!

Help support resources for adult ESL and K-12 ESL educators!

Ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor the Strengthening Communities through English and Integration Act!
As all ESL educators know, immigrants to the United States have made significant economics, social, and cultural contributions that enable the country to better understand the rest of the world. A new bill introduced both in the House and Senate honors those contributions by providing immigrant families access to critical assistance such as English language and civics education. The Strengthening Communities through Education and Integration Act will help immigrant communities become a more integral part of the American fabric and maximize their social and economic contributions. This bill, sponsored by Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) in the House and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) in the Senate will:
  • Increase resources for adult education by codifying English literacy and civics adult education programs and creating a new appropriation for these programs.
  • Increase the authorization for Even Start Family Literacy programs to $350 million.
    Provide resources for expanded learning time programs for English language learners in middle and high school.
  • Create a $1,500 tax credit for teachers of English language learners and a deduction for their certification.
  • Create a 20% tax credit to employers that expend their resources to provide English language instruction and GED training.
  • Make grant money available to states to establish New American Councils that bring together business, faith, civic, philanthropic, non-profit and education stakeholders to create and implement immigrant integration programs.
Urge your members of Congress to support this important initiative by asking them to co-sponsor the Strengthening Communities through Education and Integration Act!

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