Magical Morning

September 11, 2008

It is a magical morning at LWB (our classroom site) today. Several students got here early and gathered and talked with us (staff) and each other about life and their classes. Ten minutes before their tutors arrived they started placing the letter tiles on their Wilson Magnetic Boards, and sorting through their sound cards.

It all felt magical to me because I felt a sense of pride coming form within each student. Each student was displaying pride in introducing themselves as a student of the program, they were proud to introduce their tutors, they felt pride and ownership of their learning materials. This is such a contrast to when they first come into the program and feel low self esteem and lack of confidence. When students first start classes they look insecure, and often rush to hide themselves in the tutor rooms. To see this group of students engaging with each other, not hiding, but rather being open and excited about their lives and experience here at DLC, well now, that is the magic of literacy.


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