A Great Monday

September 22, 2008

Today I really noticed a significant difference in my student. She has begun to realize when she makes mistakes and corrects them herself. We were reviewing “ng” and working on “nk.” She did well with the flash cards and magnetic board, often correcting her vowel sounds before I could offer a hint. When we came to spelling, though, she had a bit of difficulty. As I was dictating, she wrote “sang” for “sung,” while still repeating “sung” as she wrote it. The next word I had her spell was sang. She looked at me strangely, as though I was tricking her. “Like you sang the song yesterday?” she asked hesitantly. When I nodded, she looked confused for a minute before asking me to repeat the last two words. When I repeated them, she went over the two outloud. “Sung.. ung.. ung. OH! ‘u'” she finally decided, correcting her previous answer.

She’s always been enthusiastic about learning, but is often too timid to correct herself during an exercise. Usually, she would have written the same word twice until we went over to review/correct the list. The progress she has already made has been so encouraging for both of us. It really was a great morning to see this happen. Even as I write this blog, another pair is working on the same concept in a nearby room. I hear the encouragement the tutor offers as his student asks questions and understands these new sounds. The tutor offered one more compliment before diving back into the lesson: “..you’ve learned so much even since your assessment two weeks ago!” (He didn’t even know I was listening, looking for that perfect quote to end this blog with! :P)

I hope everyone has a great week!


One Response to “A Great Monday”

  1. yashna Says:

    Lark, Thanks for sharing! Monday mornings aren’t known for being great, I am glad yours was! What a wonderful thing to have so many tutors and students working on similar things with such positive exchanges.

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