News, Notes, & Thanks

December 18, 2008

puzzleIn the two short months since I joined the DLC staff, I’ve learned much about the amazing things that this community is accomplishing. For example . . .

  • Carol has earned her driver’s permit and is now preparing to take the U.S. citizenship exam. Good luck!
  • Kathy B. is moving from level 3 into level 4 of the Megawords program. Congratulations!
  • Mike H. is moving from level level 2 to level 3 of the Wilson Reading system. Congratulations!
  • Myrtle spoke at the DLC orientation for new board members, giving them a glimpse at what it is like to be a student in the Adult Literacy Program. Thank you, Myrtle!
  • Lucy and Kiasha’s eloquence and passion made such an impression on visitors from organizations such as the Triangle United Way that they were invited to discuss their adult literacy experiences on the nationally syndicated radio show, The Story, which is hosted by Dick Gordon. We hope that this will be the first of many opportunities our students will have to share their experiences with the larger community. We all have so much to teach and to learn. Thank you Lucy and Kiasha for raising awareness about the DLC and adult literacy!

Many thanks to everyone in the Adult Literacy community – from Christine, who left the hospital where her son’s wife was giving birth to Christine’s grandson in order to take a CASAS test on Monday evening . . . to Deb, who spent a week of her vacation at training to enhance her understanding of reading instruction . . . to James, whose ability to describe how he is learning and how he sees (and hears) the challenges to reading and writing is incredibly instructive . . . to Mia, who is researching ways of meeting the needs of students with special learning needs – I am awed by your dedication to this community.

Have a joyous and peaceful New Year, everyone!



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