Thank You!

December 22, 2008

Thank you! The DLC program staff, tutors, and students would like to extend a huge thanks to the DLC’s Executive Director, Reggie Hodges, and the DLC Board of Directors for the countless hours they have spent sustaining this wonderful community over the years. Every new phoneme learned, book read, citizenship test passed, vote cast, parent-teacher meeting attended, and job promotion earned is a victory based in no small part on your work. Please know that we are truly grateful for all of the work that goes on behind the scenes to empower individuals, families, and communities through literacy. We wish that we could share every victory with you directly so that you could feel the daily impact of your efforts as we do. It really is amazing!

The DLC Board Members are Susan Springer and Ann Gale (Co-Presidents), Trina Allen, Mary Ellen Walkama, Rob Matheson, Mary Clayton, Lizzie Ellis-Furlong, Arnold Dennis, Alexandra Dupont, Gail Faulkner Hudson, Elizabeth Feifs, Brian Schneiderman, Sy Mauskopf, Monika Winchester, Jonathan Blitz, Mary Cay Corr, Jennifer Lohmann, Teddy Brown, Julia Fairley, Hubie Mercado, Leslie Wilson, Audrey Boykin, LeRoy Walker, Jr., Ed Wolf, Boris Hartl, Peggy Hardy, Cindy Cho, and Kim Mayo. Ex Officio Members members include Dale Stouch, Janet Hill, and John Hope Franklin.


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