List of Links:
We have accumulated so many links that we moved most of them to a reader-friendly spreadsheet at this LINK.

Literacy Links for Students

Dictionary : online dictionary
Merriam-Webster Dictionary : online dictionary
: Online thesaurus

Online Newspapers and magazines for AL:
News for You:  Online interactive adult literacy newspaper (see hard copies in library for passwords to access all content)
The Learning Edge: Online interactive adult literacy newspaper
City Family Magazine : Magazine articles written in plain english
The Westcoast Reader: Online Canadian newspaper written for adult learners

Plain English/Plain Language resources
First Find : A list of websites written in plain english on a variety of topics
Simple Wiki : SE Wikipedia tries to limit articles to a basic subset of 850 or 1500 words.

Online activities for AL students
(go through first with tutor, and then do independently or in class)

Project Money : Adult learners helping other adult learners on money matters
GCF Learn Free : Online tutorials on Everyday Life, Math, Money and Computers
TV 411: Online interactive programs for AL learners. Topics include: reading, writing, math and more.
Practice Typing: online program to practice typing skills

Driving Links:

Driving Links
: DMV materials (from California, but still helpful for NC)
NC DMV Handbook: Online handbook and a version you can download
NC DMV Practice Test : 9 questions

Voting Links:
Voting Links : Voting materials

Printable activities:
Literacy Tools : An Adult Literacy site from Ireland with activities

Inspirational stories:

Learning to read as an adult
: David’s story from Talking Ed
Student Success Stories : from Literacy Connections

Literacy Links for Tutors:

Ordering Materials
Ordering Materials : for AL classes at DLC
Literacy Services : An online bookstore providing Adult Literacy high interest low level readers
Noxx Press An online bookstore providing Adult Literacy high interest low level readers

Online resources for classwork or homework:
Online Picture Dictionary
: Use for making picture based flashcards
Armored Penguin: Make your own printable word search game
Advice and Activities for tutors : from Literacy Connections
Literacy Tools : An Adult Literacy site from Ireland with activities
Text Mapping: Textmapping is a graphic organizing technique that can be used to teach reading comprehension and writing skills, study skills, and course content.
Thinkfinity: Verizon literacy source. 5 various activities for reading and writing lessons for students.

Tutor Tips and resources
A list of various helpful online resources to support AL tutoring
Thinkfinity: Verizon literacy source for free online tutorials for literacy tutors

Literacy Links for Tutors and Students
The Change Agent : biannual newspaper for social justice written for adult educators and learners
Civic Participation and Community Action Sourcebook : includes narrative accounts and skill-building activities that are organized around topics such as Finding Connections to Communities and Issues; Holding Decision-Makers Accountable; Expressing Ourselves and Educating Others; and Organizing for Change.

Online Videos for tutors and students
Independent Scholar: Build a SOUND foundation

Various Links to Organizations with helpful resources
This organization collects, refurbishes, and donates computers to hardworking, less-advantaged young students. RTP, NC

Literacy Links for GED

PBS LiteracyLink: online GED resource for tutors and students
GED Class Schedule Durham Technical Community College
GED Test schedule Durham Technical Community College
Free GED class online from Durham Technical Community College
Free GED Online 200-page course covers all of the key points of the GED online (practice tests, study guides, etc)
Free GED Practice Test Online One test for each subject with sample questions
Various GED resources listed on this page from Oregon

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